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Parade by Srđan Dragojević begins filming on locations in Croatia

The filming of Parade, a feature live action film by Serbian director Srđan Dragojević, author of We are not angels (1992), Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1996), The Wounds (1998) and St. George Shoots the Dragon (2009) began on March 25, on locations in Croatia. The film is co-produced by Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia, with support by Eurimages.

The protagonists in this tragicomedy about two entirely different people, an owner of a private security company Limun and a former theatre director and gay rights activist Radmilo, whose lives miraculously intertwine shortly before the Belgrade gay pride parade, are played by Nikola Kojo and Mišo Samolov, accompanied by numerous Croatian actors, including Goran and Bojan Navojec, Dejan Aćimović and Ivica Zadro. The producers are Biljana Prvanović and Srđan Dragojević (Delirium, Serbia), Eva Rohrman (Forum, Slovenia), Igor A. Nola (Mainframe Production, Croatia) and Vladimir Anastasov (Sektor Film Dooel, Macedonia).

According to director and writer Srđan Dragojević, the screenplay is based on a hypothesis – what happens if two men coming from completely different social backgrounds, having different views, one straight and the other gay, are forced to collaborate and depend on each other. Is there hope for such relationship? Can these two people understand each other, overcome the hostility they feel for one another and even – become friends?

The filming began last year in October in Belgrade, during the first real gay pride parade, and continued this year, 17 March in Bitola, Macedonia. Starting today until 31 March, the filming continues on the islands of Rab and Pag and in Obrovac, as well as Bajakovo border crossing point. After Croatia, the crew moves to Serbia where they will be filming until the end of May.

The film is co-funded by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.  

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