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Bridge at the End of the World and The Kids from the Marx and Engels Street at the new Balkan Film Festival BaNeFF

The Balkan New Film Festival (BaNeFF), taking place 12-16 February in Stockholm, will screen Bridge at the End of the World by Branko Ištvančić, and the minority co-production The Kids from the Marx and Engels Street by Nikola Vukčević. 

Bridge at the End of the World was produced by Artizana film, in co-production with HRT, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and France, and speaks about sad human destinies from the time of war in Croatia. In an atmosphere of fear and return of Serbian refugees to their homes, in the meantime occupied by Croats exiled from Bosnia, an old man disappears and the investigation of the policeman himself living in a Serbian house, with time becomes more and more personal. After the production, there will be a Q&A with the film’s producer Irena Škorić.

The festival also screens the film The Kids from the Marx and Engels Street, directed by Nikola Vukčević. This Montenegrin-Croatian-Serbian co-production speaks about two brothers who face a great challenge at the same point in life. One of them will have to kill for the first time, and the other – love. The Croatian co-producer is Embrio Production, and one of the leading roles is played by Goran Bogdan. After the screening, director Nikola Vukčević will join the audience for a Q&A.

The Balkan New Film Festival BaNeFF is dedicated to recent film production from the Balkan countries, and this year it includes 12 feature films from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro. The festival gives four awards: best film, best female role, audience award and a special mention.

In addition to the main programme in Stockholm, the festival travels to other Swedish and Norwegian cities (Oslo and Bergen). For more information, check out the official festival website.

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