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Filming of Vlatka Vorkapić's Feature Sonja and the Bull Begun

On 25 August, in the village of Radošić near Trogir, began the filming of Vlatka Vorkapić’s feature-length debut Sonja and the Bull, produced by Interfilm and Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT).

The plot focuses on a love story between Sonja, an animal rights activist from Zagreb, and Ante, the organiser of bull contests from the Dalmatian hinterland, played by Judita Franković and Goran Bogdan. While Sonja considers events including organised bull contests as inhuman animal exploitation, Ante and his fellow countrymen consider it a tradition in which bulls enjoy special attention and respect. However, Garonja the bull will bring Ante and Sonja together...

The film also stars Dejan Aćimović, Ivo Gregurević, Vlasta Ramljak, Csilla Barath Bastaić, Vladimir Tintor, Barbara Prpić, Dražen Čuček and others. It is directed by Vlatka Vorkapić, produced by Ivan Maloča, the executive producer is Maja Vukić, cinematographer Dragan Marković, set designer Tanja Lacko, and costume designer and key make-up artist Slavica Šnur.

In 2002 Vlatka Vorkapić made a documentary film for Croatian Radiotelevision Ćaća i braća, recording the events from the largest annual bull contest near the village of Radošić. Meeting bull owners and traditions related to the contest inspired the story of Sonja, Ante and Garonja the bull. The important role in the filming of Sonja and the Bull will be played by participants in traditional bull contests.

The filming will take place on locations in Dalmatian hinterland and Zagreb the next six weeks.

The film is co-funded by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

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