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The Priest's Children in theatres from 3 January

The comedy film The Priest’s Children directed by Vinko Brešan is coming to Croatian theatres on 3 January. The film was co-funded by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and produced by Interfilm, in co-production with Zillion Film from Belgrade, and supported by Eurimages fund.

The Priest’s Children is an adaptation of the eponymous drama by the award-winning writer, screenwriter and composer Mate Matišić, who wrote the script and music for the film. This project is a continuation of the long collaboration between Brešan and Matišić. Brešan’s last film Will Not End Here was based on Matišić’s plays Žena bez tijela (Woman Without a Body) and Sinovi umiru prvi (Sons Die First).

The protagonist is a young and zealous priest don Fabijan (Krešimir Mikić), who arrives at a small island in Dalmatia as a part of his service. Concerned about the dramatic decline in birth rate, in the spirit of Catholic faith he launches an unusual action – piercing holes in new condoms! Two of the island’s ridicules soon join him at his home office – the local grocer (Nikša Butijer) and the crazed pharmacist (Dražen Kuhn), who join forces to quickly abolish all the existing birth control methods on the island. Their action results in a series of births and weddings, which catches the interest of the main bishop and motivates him to visit the island.

The film stars Krešimir Mikić, Nikša Butijer, Dražen Kuhn and Marija Škaričić, as well as Jadranka Đokić, Goran Bogdan, Lazar Ristovski, Zdenko Botić, Filip Križan and many others.

Vinko Brešan is the author of the greatest Croatian hit films. His comedy How the War Started on My Island (1997) is the most viewed Croatian film since the independence, with the rate of over 300,000 viewers. His second film Marshal Tito’s Spirit (2000) was seen by almost 100,000 viewers. His third film work Witnesses (2003) is one of internationally most acclaimed Croatian films, with awards from Berlin and Karlovy Vary.

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