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The Priest’s Children Earn Over 390,000 USD in Germany and Austria

The Priest’s Children, a film directed by Vinko Brešan, is the first Croatian film since the independence to be regularly distributed across the cinemas in Germany and Austria, where is earned the gross amount of over 390,000 dollars in August.

According to the data released by the Box Office Mojo website, following film distribution in all world countries, The Priest’s Children between 7 and 24 August in German cinemas grossed over 290,000 dollars, and in Austria 7-31 August it grossed over 100,000 dollars.

In these two countries the film is distributed under the title Gott Verhüte.

The Priest’s Children, written and directed by Vinko Brešan, is based on the namesake play by Mate Matišić, produced by Interfilm, in co-production with Zillion Films from Serbia. Once again, the film was purchased for distribution in 29 world countries, and only in Brazil it grossed 170,000 dollars.

In Croatian cinemas The Priest’s Children was seen by over 158,000 people. Its international premiere took place at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and it was also nominated for best comedy in 2013 by the European Film Academy.

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