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The Priest's Children

view in croatian
  • HR, RS
  • 2013
  • 93’
  • DCP
  • color
  • comedy
  • Orig. Title: Svećenikova djeca

To help increase the birth rate of a small town on a Dalmatian island, the young priest Don Fabijan starts to pierce condoms before they are sold. He teams up with a simple-minded newsstand owner and a mad pharmacist and the three of them secretly abolish contraception on the island. After the initial success, with many births and marriages, things start to get complicated. Finally, the bishop comes to the island and everything turns completely crazy.

Vinko Brešan
Mate Matišić
Mirko Pivčević
Sandra Botica Brešan
Production Design
Damir Gabelica
Costume Design
Željka Franulović
Mate Matišić
Sound Design
Frano Homen
Krešimir Mikić, Nikša Butijer, Dražen Kühn, Marija Škaričić, Jadranka Đokić, Filip Križan, Zdenko Botić, Goran Bogdan, Stjepan Perić, Ana Begić, Ana Maras, Ivan Brkić, Marinko Prga, Lazar Ristovski
Ivan Maloča
Zillion film (RS)
Continental film
World Sales
WIDE Management

Vinko Brešan (1964) studied philosophy and comparative literature as well as film and TV directing. His low-budget debut feature film, How the War Started On My Island (1996), became Croatia’s biggest homegrown hit film in 20 years, second only to Titanic at the box-office. His films Marshal Tito’s Spirit (1999) and Witnesses (2003) won prizes at the Berlin and Karlovy Vary film festivals. Brešan also has an active career as a theatre director. His fourth and most recent film was Will Not Stop There (2008).

Selected Filmography – Vinko Brešan (1964)

  • The Priest's Children (2013) – feature film
  • Will Not Stop There (2008) – feature film
  • Witnesses (2004) – feature film
  • Marshal Tito’s Spirit (1999) – feature film
  • How the War Started on My Island (1996) – feature film

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