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The 72nd International Film Festival in Venice under way 

The Venice Film Festival runs from September 2 to 12. The Orizzonti category will feature the short film Belladonna written, directed and edited by Dubravka Turić, and produced by Zdenka Gold, as well as the Croatian minority co-production Interruption by Greek writer and director Yorgos Zois and produced by Siniša Juričić. Meanwhile, Marin Lukanović’s film Delta – An Affluence of Art, under Rijeka’s Filmaktiv production, will be competing for the ArTVision Award in this year’s festival. 

Interruption will be screened on September 8 at 14:30, while the official screening of Belladonna is scheduled for September 11, at 14:00. Both films will be having their world premieres at the festival. Orizzonti, which showcases up and coming global trends and new names in directing while screening films made by well-established filmmakers, is one of two competition programmes in Venice. This year, eminent director of the cult film The Silence of the LambsJonathan Demme will head the jury. Delta – An Affluence of Art was filmed within the ArTVision project and will be competing with 15 other half-hour titles at this year’s festival for Best Film. The documentaries were all filmed within the ArTVision project in four Adriatic countries: Italy, Montenegro, Albania and Croatia. The jury is made up of renowned Italian experts Maria Giuseppina Troccoli (Cinema Unit at Ministry of Culture), Fabio Sargentini (curator), Giuseppe Ghigi (film critic), Roberto Pisoni (Head of Sky Arte) and Antonello Tolve (curator and art historian). 

Belladonna is the story of three different women of different ages who randomly meet in an ophthalmologist’s waiting room. Their differences are removed and they are instantly connected when they hear of the tragedy that one of them has suffered. The cinematographer is Branko Linta, the producer Zdenka Gold, the sound designer is Dubravka Premar, set designer is Željka Burić, costume designer is Morana Starčević and make-up Snježana Gorup. Spiritus Movens headed production while Everything Works took care of promotion and distribution. The film stars Aleksandra Naumov, Lana Barić, Nada Đurevska, Anita Matković and Dražen Kühn.

The Greek-Croatian-French film Interruption is the debut feature film by Greek director and writer Yorgos Zois. The Croatian co-producer is Jaako Dobra Productions in cooperation with Nukleus Film, while Tuna Film offered technical support. Along with Nukleus Film’s producer Siniša Juričić, other collaborators include costume designer Zorana Meić, first assistant camera Tomislav Sutlar, digital imaging technician Pavel Posavec and sound mixer Hrvoje Petek. The cinematographer is Yannis Kanakis, editor Yannis Chalkiadakis and Pan Entertainment is the production house. 

Delta – An Affluence of Art chronicles nine artists who share a space in the IVEX building in the center of Rijeka. Milijana Babić, Tomislav Brajnović, Nemanja Cvijanović, Igor Eškinja, Focus Group (Iva Kovač and Elvis Krstulović), MFK&AT (Marino Krstačić-Furić and Ana Tomić) and Sanja Stojković are internationally recognized artists who have exhibited their art in relevant galleries across Europe, the United States and China. Questions about the lives and works of the artists, everyday dynamics between the artists in their shared space, contact with the public and the uncertain future of the building and the neighborhood it’s in (which, according to plans would become the new city center) are key themes reflected upon in the film.  Besides director and screenwriter Marin Lukanović, the team also included Marta Batinić (editor), Kristijan Vučković (cinematographer), Ana Jurčić (sound mixer), Josip Maršić (composer), Zoran Medved (sound designer) and Igor Crnković (post-production). The main Croatian partner is the County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar. 

All materials from the film Belladonna are available at this link. For material regarding Interruption click here.

Visit the official festival website for more information. 

Cover photos: scenes from BelladonnaInterruption and Delta - An Affluence of Art; festival visual 

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