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  • HR
  • 2015
  • 17'33''
  • color
  • drama

Three women of different ages and backgrounds meet in the waiting room of an ophthalmologist’s office. Overhearing the conversation of the two older women, the young woman Sasha learns of the tragedy they experienced. The indifference she felt towards them until that moment is replaced by a sense of closeness and connection. However, the chance to share this is irreversibly lost.

Dubravka Turić
Dubravka Turić
Zdenka Gold
Branko Linta
Dubravka Turić
Sound Design
Dubravka Premar
Costume Design
Morana Starčević
Production Design
Željka Burić
Aleksandra Naumov, Nada Đurevska, Lana Barić, Anita Matković, Dražen Kühn
Spiritus Movens Production
World Sales
everything works (Ivana Ivišić)
Hrvatski audiovizualni centar (HAVC)

Dubravka Turić (1973, Zagreb)
Director, writer, and editor. Her debut film, Belladonna (2015), won the Golden Lion in Venice for Best Short Film. Her second short, Cherries, premiered at Directors' Fortnight in Cannes in 2017. Dubravka is currently working on her debut feature, Tragovi. As an editor, she has worked on over 20 films and 200 commercial videos. As a scriptwriter she has worked on popular Croatian TV shows like Svlačionica, Mjenjačnica, Koledžicom po svijetu, and others. She is a member of the Croatian Society of Film Workers and Croatian Freelance Artists Association. She lives and works in Zagreb.

Selected Filmography – Dubravka Turić

  • Tina (2019.) – fiction short
  • Trešnje (2017.) – fiction short / segment of omnibus Deep Cuts
  • Belladonna (2015.) – fiction short

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