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Results of the Call for Bids for Audiovisual Projects in 2012 Presented

Zagreb, 5 April – At a press conference held in the premises of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the decision of a priority list and allocation of funds for financing audiovisual production in 2012 was made public today, in two categories: production of audiovisual works; development of screenplays and development of feature live action, feature documentary and animated film projects.

Of a total of 273 entries submitted for the public bidding in the category of funding the production of audiovisual works, 43 projects were selected: 8 in the animated film category, 11 in the experimental film category, 8 in the short live action film category, 9 in the short documentary film category, 4 feature-length documentary films and 3 feature-length live action films. The entire list of approved projects in the category of funding the production of audiovisual works and the list of approved projects in the category of funding of script development and project development in 2012 are available on this link.

The press conference was attended by the managing director of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre Hrvoje Hribar and one of the two artistic counsellors for live action film, Antonio Nuić. Nuić explained the criteria that guided the artistic counsellors in the selection process for this category. Ognjen Sviličić and myself chose three projects that were in all aspects the most prepared: in terms of screenwriting, the director’s reputation and explanation of his artistic vision. In the development stage we gave a chance to the projects championed by many interesting names. They include both debut filmmakers and those who already made a name for themselves in short and other film forms.

The decisions about the results of the public tender in all the categories were reached previously, at a session of the Croatian Audiovisual Council, the first time after the Regulations regulated that applying for funds for audiovisual projects would run throughout the entire year. Hrvoje Hribar commented on the results: At today’s session the first results this year for audiovisual production in all the categories were reached. Since we recently made this a permanent open call for bids, instead of once a year we can now publish results two or more times a year. The next results will be made public in three months, before the Pula Film Festival.

This time we had a fruitful pool of short films (8 titles) and an exceptionally strict but promising animated film selection. Experimental and documentary films keep the continuity of good projects offer. In the feature-length live action category the only criterion was top script quality, and as a result we approved only three titles. In July we have another round of co-financing which might include some of the outstanding projects HAVC is co-funding in the development stage. If they are not ready by then, the next call for bids might put more focus on the debutants, female directors and more repertory thane festival works.

Hrvoje Hribar also commented in more detail on the programme of script and projects development: HAVC’s script and project development programme became a driving force of filmmaking. Two of three feature films approved today have already passed the Public Bidding for Project Development. HAVC’s programmes are currently developing a series of magnificent projects and by this summer some will definitely compete for production. This is the rationale behind the many development decisions in all the available categories. You will notice that the funding was awarded to both male and female filmmakers of all generations and from all the parts of Croatia, both debutants and established authors, and sometimes even to people coming from other disciplines. The audiovisual community is demonstrating its inclusivity, social sensitivity and almost cruelty when it comes to the criteria we imposed on ourselves. Losers are everywhere, but there is no system that could finance everything. If there is a mistake, it was well-meant.

The session of the Croatian Audiovisual Council also reached decisions on the priorities and allocation of funds pertaining to the Call for entries for audiovisual production in 2013 in the category of film co-productions with a minor Croatian share and the Call for entries for international collaboration programmes (deadline 15 February 2013).

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