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Life with Herman H. Rott and Wolf Games in Annecy Competition

The film Life with Herman H. Rott by Chintis Lundgren (Estonia), co-produced by Adriatic Animation from Pula, has been selected for the official short film competition of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. Also, the graduation film selection includes Wolf Games, directed by Jelena Oroz.

Life with Herman H. Rott was produced by the Estonian Chintis Lundgreni Animatsioonstuudio and co-produced by Adriatic Animation studio from Pula, Anima art association from Zagreb and Danish GoodJobStudio. It was directed by Chintis Lundgren, written by Draško Ivezić and Chintis Lundgren, animated by Chintis Lundgren, and the sound was designed by Henrik Malmgren. Life with Herman H. Rott is a short pencil-on-paper film – Herman H. Rott is in fact a rat living alone in his messy apartment. One day a small high-society cat sees Herman drunk coming home from a bar, thinks he is charming and decides to move in with him.

Another Croatian film at Annecy, included in the graduation film competition, is Wolf Games by Jelena Oroz. A story of three little wolves spending a late afternoon together was made as her graduation work at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Art. The film was written and directed by Jelena Oroz, also the author of animation, music and editing for the film, while the sound was the work of Natko Stipaničev.

The Annecy International Animated Film Festival takes place 15-20 June and this year it received more than 2.600 submitted applications from all over the world. The official competition includes more than 200 films and more information about the programme and the festival can be found on the official website.

Title photographs: scenes from Life with Herman H. Rott and Wolf Games

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