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Croatian short Ciao Mama in official selection in Cannes

Among nine short films competing at this year’s Cannes Film Festival’s official selection is Croatian short Ciao Mama by Goran Odvorčić.

Ciao Mama was originally conceived as a stage piece written by Matija Kluković and Goran Odvorčić and consequently adapted for the screen by both authors, as a part of the upcoming omnibus Zagrebačke priče/Zagreb Stories. In the edit two separate and distinct short films emerged – one, co-written and co-directed by Kluković and Odvorčić will be shown as a part of the planned omnibus film Zagreb Stories and the other, turned into a short film in its own right and signed by Goran Odvorčić is the short film competing at this year’s Cannes official selection.

The Cannes Film Festival's official selection of nine competing short films was announced Tuesday, April 28, in Paris. Like the feature competition and sidebars, the lineup is heavy on European films. 

Ciao Mama, Croatia, Goran Odvorčić
Larsog Peter, Denmark, Daniel Borgman
L'homme a la Gordini, France, Jean-Christophe Lie
Klusums, Latvia, Laila Pakalnina
Missen, Netherlands, Jochem de Vries
The Six Dollar Fifty Man, New Zealand, Mark Albiston, Louis Sutherland
Arena, Portugal, Joao Salaviza
Rumbo a Peor, Spain, Alex Brendemuhl
After Tomorrow, U.K., Emma Sullivan

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