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Winter / Miracle

view in croatian
  • HR, BR, DK
  • 2012
  • 60'
  • DCP
  • color, black & white
  • docu-fiction | croatian, portuguese

A man travels to an unknown city looking for a woman. She escapes through dreams, putting into question who she is. She is running away but looking for something too. She wants to be someone else. She wants to turn and return. There was a story about a woman and a man who might have loved each other, but maybe they did not. They might have been real, and maybe they were not. They were searching for something that could have been important to them. He found it; she did not. He was confident, but jealous. She was insecure and frightened. She lied and created a whole world out of those lies.

Gustavo Beck & Željka Suková
Gustavo Beck & Željka Suková
Aleš Suk, Lucas Barbi
Aleš Suk
Costume Design
Tajči Čekada
Schinichiro Koizumi, Zoran Medved, Josip Maršić
Sound Design
Zoran Medved
Željka Suková, Tajči Čekada, Gustavo Beck, Loredana Presta, Ranko Luževac, Midi Lidi
Tine Fischer, Aleš Suk, Gustavo Beck
Udruga UKUS
If You Hold A Stone (BR)

Selected Filmography – Željka Suková (1977)

  • Winter / Miracle (2012, co-dir. Gustavo Beck) – documentary feature
  • Marija’s Own (2011) – documentary feature

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