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The Dark

view in croatian
  • 2011
  • 81'
  • DCP, HD
  • black & white
  • film noir, psychological thriller
  • Orig. Title: Mrak

The Dark takes place over a period of 36 hours, on the first day of summer. Taxi driver Frane lives with his sister and her husband in an unusual strange domestic arrangement. Frane learns that his sister is pregnant and he is not sure how he feels about the baby that she is expecting. After his night shift Frane kills an unknown young woman while he is having sex with her. He tries to cover up all traces of the crime, but in doing so he commits two more murders, one of which goes wrong. Throughout the film, the victims tell their stories at the places where the murders took place. On the morning of the summer solstice Frane thinks he has managed to get away with his crimes and he goes with his sister and her husband for a picnic in the forest by the river, not knowing what awaits him there.

Dan Oki
Dan Oki
Raul Brzić
Davor Švaić
Costume Design
Zela Luša
Vjeran Šalamon
Sound Design
Vjeran Šalamon
Goran Marković, Andrea Mladinić, Petra Težak, Vanda Boban, Matea Elezović, Marin Tudor, Brian Willems, Dinko Božanić, Zlatko Crnković, Adrian-Sterle Jokić
Slobodan Jokić
Udruga Kazimir, UMAS, Studio Fugo, Banana postprodukcija

Dan Oki aka Slobodan Jokić (1965) is a director and screenwriter. He has made four feature films, a number of documentaries and 20 experimental films. His films have been produced in Croatia, the Netherlands and the USA and screened at international festivals around the world. Oki’s films have won a number of international prizes, including the Grand Prix Videoex 2000 in Zürich. He is an associate professor in filmmaking at the Academy of Arts in Split (UMAS) and at the Academy of Dramatic Art (ADU) in Zagreb.

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