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  • HR
  • 2015
  • 22'
  • color
  • coming of age
  • Orig. Title: Nedjelja

The nine-year-old son of divorced parents visits his father, who is a doctor. The boy is angry with him for not allowing his dog into the flat. His father needs to go to the village to conduct an emergency medical procedure, but he cannot leave the boy alone, so he takes him along.

Goran Dević
Goran Dević
Hrvoje Osvadić
Branko Linta
Vanja Siruček
Sound Design
Ivan Zelić, Dubravka Premar
Pavao Miholjević, Neven Jurica Ferina
Costume Design
Ida Križ Posavec
Production Design
Ivan Veljača
Alex Rakoš, Krešimir Mikić, Lana Barić, Nikša Butijer
Petnaesta umjetnost
Hrvatski audiovizualni centar (HAVC)

Goran Dević (1971)
Graduated from Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb where he currently teaches at the Department of TV and Film Directing. A selection of his award-winning documentaries includes Imported Crows(2004), I Have Nothing Nice to Say to You (2006), Three (2008) and Happy Land (2009). The Blacks (2009), which he co-wrote and co-directed with Zvonimir Jurić, marked his debut as a feature filmmaker.

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