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Lara's Choice: The Lost Prince

view in croatian
  • 2012
  • 97'
  • color
  • family, drama
  • Orig. Title: Larin izbor: Izgubljeni princ

The movie sequel of television blockbuster Lara’s Choice continues the story about the tragedy that separated the married couple – the death of their son Zlaja. Lara and Jakov are alienated in their sorrow until Jakov, working as a fisherman, discovers a boy that reminds him of his lost son. Further investigation reveals that Zlaja is alive and that he was kidnapped by Jakov's evil brother Dinko who is hiding under false identity on a small island. Dinko realizes that he is in danger of being discovered and tries to escape by creating chaos at a local procession. The hope that their son may still be alive joins Lara and Jakov together in their struggle to find Zlaja and become family again.

Tomislav Rukavina
Branko Ružić
Based on a Story by
Milo Grisogono, Jelena Veljača
Mišo Orepić H.F.S.
Sven Pavlinić
Production Design
Danijel Završki
Costume Design
Robert Sever
Tonči Huljić
Sound Design
Vladimir Božić, Milan Čekić
Ivan Herceg, Doris Pinčić, Filip Juričić, Jagoda Kumrić, Dino Rogić, Stefan Kapičić, David Šikić
Sanja Tucman
Media Pro Audiovizual d.o.o.
Continental film

Tomislav Rukavina (1975) was born in Zagreb where he attended classical gymnasium. In 2002, he graduated in film and TV directing from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art. He has assisted in 10 local films and co-productions. From 1994 to 1998, he worked on television – as assistant director and director of children's shows, entertainment and classical music program. He is the author of several award-winning documentaries and numerous music videos and commercials. In 2004, he started 24 Seven production company together with Bruno Razum and Ozren Soldo.
Octavian for best music video 1999 "White Xmas" – GOT
Octavian for best commercial film: 2000 Motovun Film Festival, 2001 Pula Film Festival

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