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  • HR, UK
  • 2018
  • 71'
  • color
  • drama
  • Orig. Title: Dom

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. She wakes up and sees Him loading their furniture into the truck. While the baby is sleeping, they are counting down the final hours in their home, awaiting eviction. Their future is uncertain, but their options are clear – they can either accept the injustice they are facing or defy it.

Dario Pleić
Dario Pleić
Igor Zelić
Maida Srabović
Sound Design
Dario Domitrović, Dušan Maksimovski, Dominik Krnjak
Alen Sinkauz, Nenad Sinkauz
Costume Design
Lea Krpan, Katarina Zaninović
Production Design
Dubravko Đuran
Judita Franković, Mislav Čavajda, Katarina Baban, Sara Moser, Filip Vidović, Nikša Butijer, Alen Liverić
Dario Pleić
Jure Pavlović, Dario Domitrović, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor
Filmski kolektiv (HR)
Sekvenca (HR), Embrio Production (HR), F&ME (UK)
Hrvatski audiovizualni centar (HAVC), Grad Zagreb

Dario Pleić
Dario Pleić is a screenwriter/director/producer. In 1995, he wrote the play Cry for Innocence, which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Since 1996, Dario has directed numerous documentaries (History of Football), as well as ads and promotional videos. In 2009, he directed Game Over, a segment of the omnibus Zagreb Stories, produced by Propeler Film. In 2013, he directed his first feature film Not All About the Money, produced by Interfilm. Home, produced by Filmski kolektiv, Sekvenca, F&ME and Embrio, is his second feature film.

Selected Filmography – Dario Pleić

  • Home (2018) – fiction feature
  • Not All About the Money (2013) – fiction feature
  • Game Over (2009) – fiction short / segment of the Zagreb Stories omnibus

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