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Get a Move On!

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  • 2011
  • 20'
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Ustaj Miro, brzo, brzo!

This film tells the story of Miro, a young businessman whose day-to-day life consists of a futile and repetitive routine. He needs to escape the daily grind and change his life. Every night after work, he comes back to his apartment, where he lives alone with the huge plasma-screen TV that is his only friend. He never goes out with friends, nor does he have a girlfriend. Before he goes to sleep, he has very little free time to think about his wasted life. But an accidental meeting at the crossroads will encourage Miro to change his lifestyle or, to put it another way – to start living.

Petar Orešković
Natko Jurdana, Petar Orešković
Mak Vejzović
Ana Marija Sremec
Dubravko Robić
Luka Petrušić, Iva Mihalić, Dražen Šivak, Ivana Horvat
Jana Šivak, Siniša Juričić
Nukleus film

Petar Orešković (1980) graduated in film and TV directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. His award-winning short film Endgame (2004) has been shown at numerous international film festivals. His first professionally produced film, the documentary Dead Man Walking (2006), was premiered in the First Appearance Competition programme at IDFA – International Documentary Festival Amsterdam and has been shown at numerous festivals, including the Sarajevo Film Festival. He directed his first feature film Simon Magus in 2013.

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