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Chasing a Dream

view in croatian
  • RS, BA, HR
  • 2015
  • 145'
  • color
  • Orig. Title: U potrazi za snom

Twenty years after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the director decides to find the actors from a film he made as a student. The winds of war have scattered the boys far away from their hometown. In his search, the director embarks on a journey around the world, hoping to recover the lost pieces of his own past along the way.

Mladen Mitrović
Mladen Mitrović
Mladen Mitrović
Nenad Puhovski
Zoran Petrović, Mladen Mitrović, Uday Shandal
Davor Bosankić
Sound Design
Dubravka Premar
Jadranka Stojaković, Milan Đurđević
Fabrika snova (RS)
Factum (HR), Balkan Art Centar (BA)
UNESCO, MDGF (un Millenium Development Goals), Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans, EUFOR, Ministarstvo kulture Republike Srbije, Filmski centar Srbije, Ministarstvo civilnih poslova BiH, Fondacija za kinematografiju Sarajevo, Grad Sarajevo, Hrvatski audiovizualni centar (HAVC), Opštine Senta i Temerin

Mladen Mitrović (1960)
He studied film and TV directing in Zagreb. As a student, he won some of the most prestigious European and international film awards. After graduating, Mitrović directed two TV films and numerous TV programs. At the same time, he worked as the first assistant director on feature films. He made his awarded debut feature Hamburg Altona shortly before the start of the 1992-5 Bosnian war. When the war begun he abandoned filmmaking in favor of advertising. During this period he made commercials, corporate films and music videos. 

Selected Filmography – Mladen Mitrović (1961)

  • Hamburg Altona (1989) – feature film 
  • Small Doorway (1987) – TV film
  • Stay the Same (1985) – TV film

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