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Archeo 29

view in croatian
  • 2010
  • 9'30''
  • 35 mm
  • color

This is a journal in film form that takes as its basis archive photos from World, an illustrated entertainment magazine published in 1929. What ensues is an exploration of the dominance of the image, lasting from ‘then’ to ‘now’, and questioning the semantic possibilities of connecting the agency photos of years gone by to the digital media of today.

Vladislav Knežević
Vladislav Knežević
Vladislav Knežević
Mario Kalogjera
Mario Kalogjera
Vanja Andrijević

Vladislav Knežević (1967) graduated from the Academy of Drama Arts (TV and Film Direction Dept.) in Zagreb and De Vrije Academie (Audio-visual Dept.) in Den Haag. Professionally works as a freelance director for TV and various productions since 1993. He is into experimental film, video and sound processing since 1988. He has also initiated and organized several film programmes and presentations (Reference to Difference, Videodrome TV edition, 25 FPS International Experimental Film Festival).

Selected Filmography – Vladislav Knežević (1967)

  • Binary Pitch (2013) – experimental short
  • Archeo 29 (2010) – experimental short
  • reLocated (2005) – experimental short
  • Under Construction (2003) – experimental short

Croatian film catalogue

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