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World premiere of Igor Bezinović’s The Lovetts at CPH:DOX festival 

The short documentary film The Lovetts will have its world premiere on March 15th at the CPH:DOX International Documentary Film Festival. This is the latest film directed by Igor Bezinović. Furthermore, Aleph by Iva Radivojević, a Croatian co-production currently under development, will be presented at the CPH:FORUM programme. CPH:DOX will take place in Copenhagen from March 15th to 25th.

The Lovetts, Mr and Mrs Lovett that is, are award-winning webcam models, entrepreneurs and animal lovers, who love to entertain people online. Each day they try their best to cum, and encourage their viewers to do the same. The film is by award-winning director Igor Bezinović, the cinematographer is Danko Vučinović, the editor is Jan Klemsche, the sound engineer is Martin Semenčić, music is by Mislav Kljenak, and the graphic designer is Petra Zlonoga. The producers are Igor Bezinović, Bojan Kanjera and Jure Pavlović, and the film is produced by Sekvenca with support from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

The short documentary film The Lovetts was created during the CPH:LAB, and in 2015, Bezinović developed the project with Hungarian director Gábor Hörcher. The CPH:LAB is geared toward creativity and cross-border collaborations, while encouraging young filmmakers to develop projects through partnerships and new approaches to co-productions.

Furthermore, Aleph, currently under development, by director Iva Radivojević and co-produced by Parabola Films (Canada) and Fade In (Croatia), will be presented at the CPH:FORUM. The same project was presented last year during the industrial segment of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Aleph is a feature length hybrid documentary inspired by the short story written by Jorge Luis Borges, and follows the lives of 10 protagonists from 10 different countries and their specific world views.

The CPH:DOX International Documentary Film Festival will take place from March 15th to 25th in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information please visit the festival’s official website.

Cover photos: scenes from The Lovetts

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