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Tea Vidović Dalipi’s project at Docu Rough Cut Boutique 2022

Documentary feature film project Bride in Search of Happiness (working title) of director Tea Vidović Dalipi and producer Oliver Sertić, created at production company Restart, in co-production with companies from Italy and Kosovo, is one of only five titles selected to participate at the Docu Rough Cut Boutique programme, co-organized by the Sarajevo Film Festival and the Balkan Documentary Center initiative from Sofia. 

“The five selected projects offer a rich array of documentary styles and artistic perspectives on the reality around us. From a mindboggling project exploring the power and stories hidden in archival footage, posing questions about humanity’s seemingly inexplicable addiction to war, to love stories that get deeply shaken by the partners’ different social backgrounds; from challenges of living in solitude, to observing the struggle of those who get pushed to confront mainstream society. Most of our filmmakers are only just starting their careers. Their hearts are screaming to tell their stories and we look forward to playing a part in bringing the best of their potential to the international scene,” said Rada Šešić and Martichka Bozhilova, directors of the Docu Rough Cut Boutique programme.

This year’s edition of the programme devoted to documentary films in post-production from Southeast Europe and Southern Caucasus will feature a Croatian project produced by production company Restart, of the working title Bride in Search of Happiness, directed by Tea Vidović Dalipi. It is an observational documentary about a Croatian-Roma couple, Tea and Mirsad, a new-born baby girl Frida, and their attempt to start a life together, torn between their families’ and communities’ expectations in culturally irreconcilable environments that do not accept diversity. The film’s full synopsis and trailer are available on this link

Tea Vidović Dalipi was the cinematographer on the film, alongside Dinka Radonić. Jelena Maksimović edited the film, while Hrvoje Radnić recorded the sound. The film’s producer is Oliver Sertić, with co-producers Stefano Teald (for Italian company STEfilm) and Bujar Kabashi (for Möbius from Kosovo). So far, the project has been supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the Film Commission Torino Piemonte and the Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb. Late lays year the Bride in Search of Happiness was presented at the IDFA Forum in Amsterdam, in the Forum Pitch section intended for documentary film and series projects looking for financial and distribution partners.

A list of all the projects selected for the Docu Rough Cut Boutique is available on this link

The Docu Rough Cut Boutique programme consists of three modules and encompasses group and individual consultations about the project and its editing, closed screenings and project presentation for the guests of the CineLink Industry Days, the Sarajevo Film Festival industry programme. Alongside five selected projects, this year, in solidarity with Ukraine, the Docu Rough Cut Boutique, in collaboration with the Sarajevo Film Festival, will support a sixth project from Ukraine to participate in the second and third programme sessions.     

This year, the Sarajevo Film Festival is held 12th – 19th August, for the first time with Jovan Marjanović as the new festival director.

Cover photograph: scene from Bride in Search of Happiness

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