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Miljenka Čogelja at platform Producers on the Move 2023

The organisation European Film Promotion has selected Croatian producer Miljenka Čogelja to participate at the platform Producers on the Move, intended for up-and-coming and enterprising European producers who have already worked on noteworthy European co-productions. This year, the programme is held in hybrid format, combining online sessions prior to the Cannes Film Festival, from 2nd to 4th May, with events during the festival, 18th – 22nd May.  

The European Film Promotion, which brings together 37 European national film centres and promotion agencies, each year selects 20 promising producers to participate at the Producers on the Move platform, based on their previous recognised projects and international co-productions. The list of all participating producers is available here

According to the EFP, Miljenka Čogelja has been selected to participate in the programme thanks to her accomplished production catalogue, as well as her work on the multi-award-winning fiction feature Safe Place directed by Juraj Lerotić, which has garnered recognitions at the Locarno Film Festival (three awards), Sarajevo Film Festival (four awards), as well as being Croatia’s Oscar contender. In addition, Čogelja was the producer of the equally successful docu-fiction The Diary of Diana B. directed by Dana Budisavljević.  

“My participation in this programme will be a chance to present to selected fellow producers and sales agents who collaborate with Producers on the Move, the fiction feature debut “Milch Cow” directed by Miroslav Sikavica, co-written by Marija Šimoković Sikavica, so I’m hoping to find appropriate partners and make contact with international sales agents very early on in the process. In addition, I’ll also be showcasing the other projects that I am developing at Pipser – the feature documentary “A Minute Enough to Kill You” directed by Damian Nenadić and “Jetzt”, an animated documentary directed by Katrin Novaković. I will also be continuing the promotion of “Safe Place” directed by Juraj Lerotić, which is competing for a European Film Award this year. For me personally, it is a great honour to be part of such a prestigious selection of producers as Producers on the Move and to have the opportunity to present the projects I am working on to colleagues and other industry professionals as part of one of the most important European festivals, the Cannes Film Festival”, said producer Miljenka Čogelja.

From 2009, Miljenka Čogelja worked at the Zagreb-based production company Hulahop and in 2012 together with director Đuro Gavran she founded the production company Pipser. In addition to the already mention feature-length titles Safe Place and The Diary of Diana B., she has produced a series of award-winning feature-length and short documentary films and several documentary TV series (Slumbering Concrete, Good Economy). She completed the EAVE (European Audiovisual Enterpeneurs 2012) professional training and has also attended training programmes EX ORIENTE, EURODOC Transregional and STORYDOC. In 2020 and 2021, she was an artistic advisor for minority co-productions at the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

This year, the programme Producers on the Move is held in hybrid format, combining online sessions prior to the Cannes Film Festival, from 2nd to 4th May, with events during the festival, 18th – 22nd May. 

The Producers on the Move is a networking platform with the aim of fostering European film co-productions, intended for enterprising producers whose careers are on the rise. Each year, the participants take part in lectures, workshops, pitching sessions and one-on-one meetings with industry experts, which opens up promotion opportunities in international industry publications. 

Since its launch, the programme has hosted 481 producers of which many have become internationally acclaimed filmmakers, some even going on to win Academy Awards. In 2021, Croatian producer Bojan Kanjera also participated in the programme. Along with the EFP network, the Producers on the Move programme is made possible with the support of the MEDIA Sub-programme of Creative Europe.

The European Film Promotion is a network for film promotion bringing together 37 European national film centres and agencies with the aim of fostering collaboration on joint projects and initiatives that help promote European film accomplishments and talents across the world. The Croatian Audiovisual Centre has been a full-fledged member since January 2009, while a complete list of all member countries can be found here

Cover photograph: Miljenka Čogelja; Producers on the Move 2023 participants (author of first photograph: Almin Zrno)

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