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Lada Kamenski: Awards in Berlin and Paris, US premiere in New York 

The feature film Lada Kamenski directed by Sara Hribar and Marko Šantić won the award at the South East European (SEE) Film Festival in Paris and the South East European Film Festival (SEEFF) in Berlin. The film, presented for the first time to the audience at the last year's Pula Film Festival, also had its US premiere at the New York Museum of the Moving Image in May. 

The leading actresses of the film Lada Kamenski, Ksenija Marinković, Nataša Dorčić and Doris Šarić Kukuljica shared the best actress award at the recent South East European Film Festival SEE in Paris. Main course by Kristina Barišić was selected the best short film at the same festival. 

For the full list of awarded titles, please visit the Festival official website

The South East European (SEE) Film Festival à Paris was established in 2011 and it screens films from Macedonia, Turkey, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Besides, Lada Kamenski also won the awards at the South East European Film Festival (SEEFF) in Berlin held from 23 to 26 May 2019. There the leading actresses also won a joint award and the directors Sara Hribar and Marko Šantić won the award for best directors. 

'There are as many versions of a fictional character, as there are actors to bring them to life. (Just like the number of our own faces equals the number of people that see them.) In this film, we get to see three shapes of a strong, intriguing and captivating personality in their struggle to cast out the one embodying the essence. But this is not only an impossible mission, it is also one that is very unnecessary. And if the film industry portrayed wants to dim someone’s light in order to make another one shine the brightest, then we want to be fair and split the spotlight in three – because the three ladies of Lada Kamenski are the three equally spectacular sides of just the star we were looking for', notes the jury consisting of Gledis Bica, Hanis Bagashov, Elisabeth Korn and Maria Vitanova. A full statement of the jury for the best actress award is available here, and for best directing here

These actresses also shared the award for their performance at the last year’s Leskovac International Festival of Film Directing LIFFE, and Doris Šarić Kukuljica was awarded the Golden Arena for best actress in a leading role at the 65th Pula Film Festival. 

After its screenings at festivals across Europe, Lada Kamenski was premiered in the USA at the Panorama Europe Film Festival on 11 May in the New York  Museum of the Moving Image. 

The Panorama Europe Film Festival was launched in 2009 by Czech Centre New York, represented by New York Museum of the Moving Image and members of the European Union National Institutes for Culture. The films screened at this Festival show contemporary Europe. The Festival has been developed through co-operation with, among others, the Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia in New York and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. For more information about the Festival please visit the official website of Museum of the Moving Image

Cover photo: scenes from the film Lada Kamenski

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