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Katarina Lukec’ Breadcrumb Trail world premiere in competition at DocLisboa

The medium-length documentary Breadcrumb Trail directed by Katarina Lukec will have its audience debut as part of the Green Years competition programme at this year’s 21st edition of Doclisboa, the international film festival held in Lisbon.

The Green Years programme is dedicated to student films and works by young authors, premiering 19 titles from 15 countries. Among them is the featurette documentary Breadcrumb Trail directed by Katarina Lukec and produced by Dora Sabljić.

In the karst labyrinths of Dalmatian Hinterland, in the area of Kninska Krajina, everyday life is a reminder of the migrations, both forced and voluntary. Nevertheless, in making their life choices, the protagonists of this documentary were guided by their feeling of home. All the more so, considering that they came from Serbian-majority villages in the Knin area, whose population was exiled after the military operation Storm, and that at some point they decided to return home – to the place where they were born and grew up.

“I am so happy that the documentary will have its world premiere at Doclisboa. This is also my first guest appearance with the film outside the region. I have heard only words of praise about the festival from other colleagues, so I’m very much looking forward to visiting Lisbon”, commented on this occasion the film’s author Katarina Lukec.

The film was edited by Marta Bregeš, the cinematography was done by Karla Budišćak, Ivan Idžojtić and Filip Kos, and Nina Džidić-Uzelac created the sound design.

In addition to the rich film programme, DocLisboa also offers a diverse industry section as part of its Nebulae platform, in which producer Tamara Babun will participate in the annual Jumpgate summit. The participants have been selected by the organisers of the DocLisboa festival and the Nebulae programme. At the summit, 10 established and 10 emerging producers will share their experiences and projects, including Croatian producer Tamara Babun (Wolfgang&Dolly) among the latter.

The Doclisboa festival was first held in 2002 and it is part of the DOC Alliance – a partnership between seven European documentary film festivals, aimed at strengthening independent and creative documentary filmmaking in Europe. The international film festival in Portugal is held 19th – 29th October of this year. More details about the festival are available on Doclisboa’s official website.

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