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Just Between Us by Rajko Grlić Begins Screening in France

The feature live action film Just Between Us by Rajko Grlić starts regular cinema distribution in France today. In the first week it is scheduled for screening in 19 theatres across France, four of them in Paris. In addition to Paris, it will be screened in 14 French cities. This is the first wider cinema distribution of this film outside Croatia.

Just Between Us began screening in Croatia in 2010, when it achieved the best box office rates of all the Croatian films that year. So far it received a total of 20 national and international awards, including the Crystal Globe for best director at the last year’s film festival in Karlovy Vary, and seven Golden Arenas at the last year’s Pula Film Festival.

This contemporary Zagreb love story from was produced by Mainframe Production from Zagreb and co-produced by NP7 from Croatia, Studio Maj from Slovenia, Yodi from Serbia and Croatian Radio and Television. It was co-funded by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

The film’s French distributer is Kanibal films.

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