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Focus on Croatian film at European Film Festival Palić

This year the European Film Festival, taking place in Palić, Serbia, from July 15th to 21st, has organized a Croatia in Focus programme. Nine films from all genres will be screened, while Igor Bezinović’s feature film A Brief Excursion will screen in competition.

The focus programme has been organized to draw attention to successful Croatian films made in the last decade and will include feature, documentary and animated productions.

The programme will screen the feature films: The Constitution by Rajko Grlić, Goran by Nevio Marasović, Ministry of Love by Pavo Marinković and Quit Staring at My Plate by Hana Jušić. Short films featured in the programme include the multiple award-winning film The Beast by Miroslav Sikavica, and the 2015 European Film Award recipient for Best Short Film, Picnic by Jure Pavlović.

The public in Serbia will also have a chance to see the mid-length documentary debut film Dum Spiro Spero by Pero Kvesić, while animated productions include the short films Planemo by Veljko Popović, and the minority Croatian co-production Hedgehog’s Home, a short film by Eva Cvijanović.

Two Croatian films will screen in competition: A Brief Excursion by Igor Bezinović will feature in the International Competition, while Quit Staring at My Plate by Hana Jušić will compete in the ‘Parallels and Encounters’ programme.

This year’s European Film Festival jury will award the Golden Tower for Best Film and the Palić Tower for Best Director. There will also be a Special Jury Prize. The Critics’ Jury will select the winner of the ‘Parallels and Encounters’ programme.

This year’s jury includes Romanian film director Cristi Puiu, Serbian actor Nikola Đuričko, Croatian actress Tihana Lazović, and Belgian film director Gust Van den Berghe.

For more on the festival please visit the official website.

Cover photos: A Brief Excursion; Planemo; Dum Spiro Spero

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