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Documentary feature KIX world premiere at 21st CPH:DOX 

The feature-length documentary KIX directed by Dávid Mikulán and Bálint Révész, a Hungarian-French-Croatian co-production (Croatian co-producer is Rea Rajčić of Eclectica), will have its world premiere as part of the Next:Wave competition for debutants and up-and-coming filmmakers from around the world. The Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival CPH:DOX takes place in Copenhagen, 13th – 24th March.

KIX is a 12-year-long odyssey depicting Sanyi’s journey from a rebellious kid on the streets of Budapest to a disillusioned young adult. Fuelled by an unlikely friendship with directors Dávid and Bálint, the film chronicles the evolution of Sanyi’s life, marked by family and school problems, and the weight of surrogate fatherhood for his newborn sister. As Sanyi faces the challenges of adolescence, the filmmakers go from active participants to observers of his life’s turmoil. The culmination of a tragic turn of events ultimately forces Sanyi to face the responsibilities of adult life.

The film was directed by Dávid Mikulán and Bálint Révész, with Mikulán also being the director of photography. KIX was co-produced by companies from Hungary, France and Croatia (Elf Pictures, Cinephage and Eclectica, as well as ARTE France and HBO Max). The film’s producers are Viki Réka Kiss, András Pires Muhi, Victor Ede and Bálint Révész, while the Croatian co-producer is Rea Rajčić, along with other co-producers Fabrice Puchault, Anne Grolleron (ARTE Francuska), Hanka Kastelicová, Tereza Bóna Keilová and Anna Závorszky (HBO MAX).

Alongside Rajčić, the Croatian segment of the film crew includes Tina Tišljar (associate producer), Ivan Zelić (editing and sound mixing) and Tomislav Stojanović (colour correction).

KIX will have its world premiere as part of the NEXT:WAVE competition programme dedicated to debutants and filmmakers whose careers are on the rise. Details about CPH:DOX’s official competition are available on this link.

The Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival CPH:DOX takes place 13th – 24th March in Copenhagen, Denmark, showcasing 66 feature-length films in competition programmes, of which 47 world, 17 international and two European premieres. The festival is part of the DOC Alliance – a partnership between seven European documentary film festivals, with the aim of strengthening independent and creative documentary filmmaking in Europe.

More information about the festival may be found on CPH:DOX’s official website

Cover photograph: scene from KIX

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