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Croatian titles at Balkan Film Festival in Rome

Balkan Film Festival will take place at Casa del Cinema in Rome, 8th – 11th October. The festival is being held in cooperation with Croatian Audiovisual Centre and the Cinema Centers of Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia. Four Croatian films will be screening at festival, three of which are minority co-productions. 

Opening the Festival is a multiple nominations documentary form North Macedonia, Honeyland, by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov, while the entire programme gathers an incredible movie selection, including The Voice by Ognjen Sviličič and three Croatian minority co-productions: Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia co-production Erased by Miha Mazzini (Croatian co-producers are Ankica Jurić Tilić and Ira Cecić of Kinorama), also a Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia co-production Breasts by Marija Perović (Croatian co-producer is Sanja Šamanović of Mitropa) and Albania, Italy, North Macedonia, Croatia co-production My Lake by Gjergja Xhuvanija (Croatian co-producer is Zvonimir Munivrana of Corvus film).

The entire festival programme is available here

Balkan Film Festival aims at bringing the Italian public closer to the extraordinary Balkan cinema heritage, amongst the most varied of Europe. The Festival also intends to promote the active participation of the Cinema Centres of Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, to the proposals put forward by Mibact and Anica, towards new Italian and Balkan public funds. A joint and multilateral commitment that fuels a vision of growing cooperation and co-productions in cinema, through robust European-wide quality and integration processes.

Balkan Film Festival is being held at Casa del Cinema in Rome, 8th – 11th October. The Festival is organized by Associazione Occhio Blu – Anna Cenerini Bova in cooperation with MIBACT e ANICA.

Free Entry, in full compliance with the foreseen measures due to the health emergency and for the protection and safeguard of public health and safety.

Cover photograph: Balkan Film Festival visual

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