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Croatian titles at Annecy: world premiere of Vuk Jevremović’s Moral Support; international premiere of Eugen Bilankov’s Windows from the South 

Vuk Jevremović’s latest animated film, Moral Support, to have its world premiere as part of the Short Film competition, while Eugen Bilankov’s film Windows from the South has its international premiere in the Student Film competition. In addition, Maša Avramović’s Baking with Boris, a Croatian minority co-production (Adriatic Animation) also to screen at the festival. This year, the 47th Annecy International Animation Film Festival takes place 9th – 15th June.

Moral Support created by Vuk Jevremović will have its world premiere in the official short film competition.

The film is inspired by the music of the Slovenian band Laibach and their song of the same title. The representations of artistic movements trace the first few decades of the 20th century.

“When the application deadline came up, the film wasn’t entirely finished yet, but I decided to try to send it anyway. And an incredible thing happened, it got accepted. So, there was extra pressure to complete the last few scenes, but I already had the confirmation from Annecy and that meant a lot. The Annecy festival isn’t comparable to anything, it is truly one of a kind.

I’ve done three videos with Laibach already, they sent me this song and I got down to work. It’s an honour to work with them and their great music lent a lot of energy to the film”, said the film’s author and producer Vuk Jevremović on the occasion of the world premiere.

Eugen Bilankov’s animation short Windows from the South will have its international premiere in the Student Film competition.   

“I am delighted and proud that my film has been accepted by one of the biggest animation film festivals in the world. The film is about to embark on that exciting festival journey in which it takes on a life of its own and communicates with each viewer in a different way. I’m looking forward to all the comments and associations it will awaken in people, and I’m motivated to lunge into new cinematic flows”, said Bilankov on the occasion.  

Windows from the South had its world premiere in International Competition at the just concluded World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb. It is a breakup film, contemplating the dissolution of a nine-year-long romantic relationship. The film’s soundscape is constructed by documentary procedures, while the animation illustrates the psychological and emotional spaces of these “breakup” conversations.

The official program section devoted to Young Audiences will also feature Maša Avramović’s short Baking with Boris. The film is a French-Swiss-Croatian co-production, with Draško Ivezić (Adriatic Animation) as the Croatian co-producer. In addition to being the co-producer, Ivezić also did the compositing, while Iva Kraljević edited the film, Jure Buljević created the sound design, and Marko Dješka worked on the film as assistant director. Baking with Boris had its world premiere in the children’s programme at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

In addition, Ivana Bošnjak Volda and Thomas Johnson Volda’s latest film, created for the TED-Ed series, titled Does Planting Trees Actually Cool the Planet? will appear in the Commissioned Films competition. The film also screened in the Croatian Competition at Animafest Zagreb.

The Annecy International Animation Film Market (MIFA) is also held as part of the festival, aimed at authors, directors and producers who are currently developing an animation project. This unmissable event enables industry professionals to participate and connect at events, such as Meet the..., in which, among other things, producer Ivan Katić participates with the project of a feature-length animated film by Dalibor Barić. Miljana Dragičević also participates at the fair, representing the production company Minya FiA and presenting their animated projects in development and production, as well as co-production projects in need of co-producers and distributors.

This year, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival is held 9 – 15 June, while more details are available at its official website

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