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Croatian films at 58th Oberhausen

Three Croatian films will be screened at the 58th edition of the International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen. Le Samouräi by Ivan Faktor and Chill by Hana Jušić will be screened in the International Competition Programme. Dalibor Barić’s The Spectres of Veronica was included in MuVi International, the side programme of innovative music videos.

One of the oldest and most important festivals dedicated to short film, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (26 April – 1 May), will screen two Croatian films in its competition programme: Le Samouräi by Ivan Faktor and Chill by Hana Jušić.

Le Samouräi by Ivan Faktor is an intimate experimental documentary film made in the apartment of the deceased Croatian avant-garde artist Tomislav Gotovac. The film is a cinematic exploration of Gotovac’s personal space, as well as moments of melancholy, sorrow and loneliness seething from it.

Chill by Hana Jušić is a free interpretation of Tarik Kulenović’s short story about a girl visiting her old boyfriend to relive the moments of former intimacy. The film is starring Iva Mihalić and Neven Aljinović Tot.

The Spectres of Veronica by Dalibor Barić is an experimental animated film in which the director uses a collage animation technique to depict the remarkable world of a girl haunted by ghosts of the future.

The International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen takes place from 26 April to 1 May, and this is its 58th edition.

More information on the programme and selection is available on the official festival website.

Cover photo: The Spectres of Veronica

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