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Bojan Kanjera in Producers on the Move 2021 line-up 

The European Film Promotion network has selected Croatian producer Bojan Kanjera to participate in the Producers on the Move platform, intended for up-and-coming and enterprising European producers who have already worked on noteworthy European co-productions. The platform is normally held as part of the Cannes Film Festival, however, since the festival has been postponed until July, Producers on the Move will go forward independently and in digital format, 17th – 21st May.

European Film Promotion, which brings together 37 European national film institutes and promotion agencies, each year selects 20 or so promising producers to participate in the Producers on the Move platform, based on their previous successful projects and international co-productions.

Bojan Kanjera has claimed his spot to participate in the platform thanks to his thriving production track record working on multi-award-winning fiction films, such as Jure Pavlović’s Mater, Sara Hribar and Marko Šantić’s Lada Kamenski and on several successful Croatian co-productions, the most noteworthy among them being Tiny Tim: King for a Day, directed by Johan von Sydow. In addition, the EFP also lists Kanjera’s involvement on projects in development: And Now What, And Then What directed by Boris Mitić (Croatian-Serbian-French co-production in development), Sixth Bus by Eduard Galić (in post-production) and Planted by director Zvonimir Munivrana (in pre-production).

“It is a great honour being selected to join such a prestigious circle of producers from all of Europe and getting a chance to forge new contacts, not only with fellow producers, but also with some of the key industry players (sales agents, A-list festival representatives and distributors). I am confident that all the projects we have been working on will benefit from the platform and its short yet intensive programme which affords opportunities for networking and coming in direct contact with colleagues from across Europe,” said Bojan Kanjera on the occasion of being selected for Producers on the Move.    

A list of all 20 participants in the Producers on the Move platform is available here

Producers on the Move is normally held as part of the Cannes Film Festival, but since the festival has been postponed and is scheduled to run 6th – 17th July, the platform will be held independently and online, 17th – 21st May. 

“We again decided to shift our programme to the digital space this year. It worked very well last year, and it was important for us to give the participants a clear sense of planning that would not be dependent on how the pandemic situation develops,” said EFP managing director Sonja Heinen.

The Producers on the Move is a networking platform with the aim of fostering European film co-productions, intended for enterprising producers whose careers are on the rise. Each year, the participants take part in lectures, workshops, pitching sessions and one-on-one meetings with industry experts, which opens up promotion opportunities in international industry publications. 

Since its founding, the programme has hosted 444 producers of which many have become internationally acclaimed filmmakers, some even going on to win Academy Awards. Last year, Croatian producer Danijel Pek also participated in the programme. Along with the EFP network, the Producers on the Move programme is made possible with the support of the MEDIA Sub-programme of Creative Europe.

European Film Promotion is a network for film promotion bringing together 37 European national film institutes and agencies with the aim of fostering collaboration on joint projects and initiatives that help promote European film accomplishments and talents across the world. The Croatian Audiovisual Centre has been a full-fledged member since January 2009, while a complete list of all member countries can be found here. 

Bojan Kanjera has gained his production expertise through participation in different international training programmes, such as EAVE – Producers Workshop 2019 and Marketing Workshop 2013, Torino Film Lab, MAIA programme, Eurodoc and many others. From 2011 to 2014, he worked for production company Aning Film, where he produced several short, experimental, documentary and cross-media projects.    

In late 2014, he founded his own production company, Peglanje snova, and in cooperation with production house Sekvenca, as head producer develops short and mid-length projects by leading younger generation Croatian directors, including Jure Pavlović (Picnic), Marko Šantić (Good Luck Nedim), Sara Hribar (Let Me Sleep), Igor Bezinović (Veruda – A Film About Bojan)... 

Kanjera’s feature length and documentary film catalogue includes Home by Dario Pleić, Lada Kamenski by Sara Hribar and Marko Šantić and Jimmie by Jasper Ganslandt, created in co-production with Swedish company Fasad. 

Cover photograph: Bojan Kanjera

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