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Balkans' Memory: second workshop on digitization of archives and management of digital media

In the framework of the Balkans’ Memory project, Ina, in partnership with the Yugoslav Film Archive of Belgrade, will organize from April 16 to April 18 2013 a seminar on digitization of archives and management of digital media.

This 3-day seminar will focus on digitization and storage methodologies through best practices and case studies. Film, video, sound formats: how to set up a preservation and digitization plan? What are the appropriate choices in terms of digital media formats and storage as well as data in terms of security and migration?

Theoretical courses, debates and visits led by specialists in the domain will be delivered to thirty professionals working in the field of archives from Albania, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia.

Balkans' Memory is a project funded by the European Union and led by Ina through its centre for expertise Ina EXPERT, in partnership with the Croatian audiovisual centre, the National Film Archive of Albania and COPEAM.

Seminar programme
Balkans' Memory - official website
Balkans' Memory - Facebook

Press contacts
INA : Laure de Lestrange
+33 1 49 83 26 68  /
COPEAM : Elena Chiaberge
+39 06 36 86 2415 /
HAVC : Petra Hofbauer
+385 91 4655 444 /
AQSHF : Flori Balliu


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