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All the Best by Snježana Tribuson and A Good Wife by Mirjana Karanović to open Eastern Neighbours in the Netherlands

The Eastern Neighbours Film Festival (ENFF) will take place on November 9th to 13th, and will screen seven Croatian films in various categories. The side program ‘Silent Films with Live Music’ will screen films by Oktavijan Miletić, with live music performances from Macedonia’s Aleksandra Popovska. 

‘Current Engaging Cinema’ will bring three Croatian film premieres in Holland: All the Best by Snježana Tribuson, Ungiven by Branko Schmidt, and the minority co-production A Good Wife by Mirjana Karanović (Croatian co-producer – Nukleus Film). Two other Croatian minority co-productions will also be screening in this section: Lazar by Macedonian film director Svetozar Ristovski (Croatian co-producer – MP Film Production) and Train Driver’s Diary by Miloš Radović (Croatian co-producer – Interfilm).

Snježana Tribuson and Mirjana Karanović will attend their films’ premieres which will also open the festival. To date, Tribuson’s comedy All the Best has screened at fourteen international festivals and won awards at six of them. This ‘jolly spoiled Christmas film’ will begin screening in Croatian cinemas at the beginning of December.

‘FOCUS: On the Fringes of Society’ will screen Vesna Ćudić’s feature film The Class, while ‘DOCUMENTARIES OPEN DEBATES: Docs Talk’ will screen Mladen Mitrović’s feature documentary film, a Croatian minority co-production, Chasing a Dream (Croatian co-producer – Factum). 

A special side program, hosted in the Filmhuis Den Haag, will screen silent films by Oktavijan Miletić, Croatian cinematography pioneer, accompanied by a music performance by Macedonian singer and songwriter Aleksandra Popovska. It is after Miletić that the prestigious Oktavijan Award is named and awarded in numerous categories of the Croatian Film Days.

The Eastern Neighbours Film Festival brings new and exciting films from Eastern and Southeastern Europe, mostly from countries yet to be members of the European Union, with the aim of familiarizing Dutch and international viewers with the culture and cinematography of their Eastern neighbours. Most of the films screened at the festival are premiering in Holland, and cover a range of genres, from feature and documentary to short and animated films.

More information can be found on the festival’s official website.

Cover photos: scenes from All the Best, A Good Wife and The Class 

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