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Actor's Film Festival 

Location: Vinkovci, GK 'Joza Ivakić'
Festival dates: November 23 – 30, 2023 | 7th Edition

Actor's Film Festival is a cultural manifestation which promotes artistic values of one actor's creations in a modern Croatian feature film. The festival is organised by an Art Organisation "Asser Savus" in partnership with the founders of the manifestation Hrvatskim društvom filmskih djelatnika (HDFD) and the town of Vinkovci. A festival has a competitive form. During the third edition FFG's professional judging court in a composition of of three members (HDFD) has given awards (golden and silver Orion) for the best actress in a leading role, best actor in a leading role, best actress in a supporting role and best actor in a supporting role. Festival has an additional program; EDUoptik and DOKUoptik.

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