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Focus on Croatian animation at 24th Trickfilm Festival – International Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart

The 24th Trickfilm Festival – International Festival of Animated Film, held in Stuttgart from May 2nd to 7th, organized an extensive focus on Croatian animation that included screenings of successful recent contemporary films, presentations of the World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb, the School of Animation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, as well as production houses aimed at animated film. The Croatian animator Daniel Šuljić was the focus of the ‘In Persona’ programme, while Nighthawk by Špela Čadež was in competition at the festival, and Ghost Town by Marko Dješka screened in the Panorama programme.

In cooperation with the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb, and the Academy of Fine Arts, the Focus on Croatian Animation was divided into several parts – presentations of Croatian animated films, festivals, school of animation, and production companies focused on animated film. The festival, which presents renowned filmmakers, included an opus of Croatian animator Daniel Šuljić’s works. The international festival competition screened Špela Čadež’s short animated film Nighthawk, while the Panorama programme screened Ghost Town by Marko Dješka.

Within the Presentation of Animation Studios programme, three animation studios were introduced – Zagreb Film, Bonobostudio and Adriatic Animation.

Best of Croatian animation

A programme presenting some of the best short animated film in the last five years.

Hunger / Petra Zlonoga / 2014
Wolf Games / Jelena Oroz / 2015
Moving Elements / Marko Tadić /  2016
Peter’s Forest / Martina Meštrović /  2016
I Already Know What I Hear / Darko Masnec / 2012
Fibonacci BreadDanijel Žeželj /  2013
Nikola Tesla's Secret Laboratory / Bruno Razum /  2014
Levitation / Marko Meštrović / 2014
Simulacra / Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson / 2014
BreakdownDavid Lovrić / 2014
PlanemoVeljko Popović / 2016
In the Beginning of Time / Božidar Trkulja / 2012

In persona: Daniel Šuljić

In Persona presents renowned animators, and this year included Daniel Šuljić, Artistic Director of the World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb

Evening star / Austria / 1993 
Leckdonalds / Austria / 1995 
Highway 59 / Austria / 1996 
Sun, salt and sea / Austria / 1997 
Cookie / Croatia / 1997 
Film with a Girl / Croatia / 2000 
I Can Imagine it Very Well / Croatia / 2001 
Short Life / Croatia, Austria / 2007 
In Chains / Croatia / 2011 
Transparency / Croatia / 2015 

Best of Animafest Zagreb

The World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb, is the second oldest festival of animated film. It presented a selection of the best films screened at the 26th edition of Animafest, held in 2016.

Welcome To My Life / Elizabeth Ito / USA / 2015 
Travelling Country / Vesela Dančeva, Ivan Bogdanov / Bulgaria, Croatia / 2016 
A Coat Made Dark / Jack O’Shea / Ireland / 2015 
What They Believe / Shoko Hara / Germany / 2015 
Sunday Lunch / Céline Devaux / France / 2015 
Datum Point / Ryo Orikasa / Japan / 2015 
Endgame / Phil Mulloy / United Kingdom / 2015 

School presentation: Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb

The Department of Animation and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts (ALU) in Zagreb, was founded in 1999, and some of its most successful student works were presented at the festival by Joško Marušić, ALU Department of Animation professor.

Wolf Games / Jelena Oroz / 2015 
Clockwork Heart / Manuel Šumberac / 2013 
I Already Know What I Hear / Darko Masnec / 2012 
Dear Keno / Natko Stipaničev / 2011 
Miramare / Michaela Müller /  2009 
Mobile Mania / Darko Vidačković / 2008

With the Focus on Croatian Animation at the 24th Trickfilm Festival – International Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre published the brochure ‘Take a bite of Croatian animation’ available at the link to the right of this text.

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