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Focus on Croatian animation at 17th Animateka

The focus programme ‘Croatia Visiting’, organized in cooperation with the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, brought a series of films, panel discussions and projects to the online edition of Animateka 2020 in Ljubljana. 

Every year, Animateka organizers take a closer look at the creativity of a certain country or region in order to bring the imagination of their artists closer to the Slovenian audience by discovering new authorial poetics and the transfer of knowledge in the field of production. In 2020, the programme ‘Croatia Visiting’, created in cooperation with the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), shone a spotlight on Croatian animated film. Part of the programme will appear in the online edition of the festival, while the rest will screen at the Slovenian Cinematheque, when this becomes possible once again.

Animateka’s online edition featured two programmes: A Historical Rundown and Professor Balthazar. 

In addition, a number of Croatian film professionals, as part of the focus 'Croatia Visiting', participated in the industry part of the festival – AnimatekaPRO.

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