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  • 2010
  • 11'
  • color

Zorgasm is a short film based on the novel by Tarik Kulenović Igra tucanja (The Fucking Game). It tries to trivialize related concepts of sexuality, love, emotions and consumerism. The US government is spreading a deadly virus that kills 70% of the world’s population. In addition to ‘cleaning the planet’, the goal of the virus is to make sure that survivors become dependent on two basic American products – WcDonalds’ and Koka Kola. Of course, the virus soon goes out of control. The story that emerges is not a science fiction blockbuster. It is an erotic drama; a shocking love triangle in which main protagonists are – zombies.

Dario Lonjak
Robert Roklicer
Darko Herić
Filip Detelić, Iskra Jirsak, Ana Maras, Robert Ugrina
Tin Žanić
Akademija dramske umjentosti (ADU)

Dario Lonjak (1987) has been active in filmmaking since elementary school. His amateur short films were shown numerous festivals, where they won many awards. In 2006 he enrolled at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, in the department of film and tv directing. His documentary short film Lucky (2008) was screened in competition at ZagrebDox. He has worked as assistant director to renowned directors such as Branko Schmidt on the feature film Metastases (2009) and Kristijan Milić on the short film Champion (2010).

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