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  • 2009
  • 30'
  • video
  • color

This film tells the turbulent life story of the skateboarder Daniel Bele “Vajt” who started skating in the late 80’s when that aspect of urban culture was illegal and virtually unknown in Croatia. Vajt has since become an urban legend as one of the most daring skaters from the Balkans. At the same time he is a man who has survived heroin addiction. Now, Vajt is back in action: he is skating again, pursuing a fledging acting career and he has even written a novel.

Nikola Strašek
Nikola Strašek
Tino Turk
Nenad Puhovski

Nikola Strašek (1978) studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and has afterwards enrolled at the Academy of Dramatic Art, where he studies film and television directing. His debut documentary feature I Will Kill You! (2007) won a number of awards at national and international film festivals.

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