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  • HR, BA
  • 2011
  • 8'
  • beta SP
  • classical animation, 2D
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Mi

The film Us is a black-humor satire about man’s violent nature. It tells us that the history of mankind is the history of violence that repeats itself cyclically...

Midhat Ajanović
Midhat Ajanović
Anton Huml
Mustafa Mustafić
Enes Zlatar
Sound Design
Ismet Nuno Arnautalić, Bogoljub Nikolić
Ismet Nuno Arnautalić, Vinko Brešan
Zagreb film
Saga Production (BA)

Midhat "Ayan" Ajanović is a writer, cartoonist, filmmaker and theoretician of animation born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, in 1959. He studied journalism in Sarajevo and practiced film animation in Zagreb Film’s Studio of Animation in Croatia. Between 1984 and 1992, he directed seven short animated films. After a break of 18 years, he returned to practical filmmaking with the animated shorts Point of Mouth (2009) and We (2011). Ajanović has been living in Gothenburg, Sweden, since 1994, where he obtained a PhD in film studies. In 2010, the 20th World Festival of Animated Film (Animafest) in Zagreb honoured him with an award for his special contribution to animation studies.

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