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Under Pressure

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  • 2011
  • 56'
  • video
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Pod pritiskom

Under Pressure is a film about peculiar law regulations in Croatia with special emphasis on three outrageous examples: the unique Law on Golf Course, 'oligarchy' construction favoring act (shown through the case of Varšavska Street) and systematic neglect for the others, collateral victims in the process (shown through a case of Kosinj valley). The goal of this documentary is to raise empathy with the people who are directly affected by these ridiculous acts and have to live under pressure every day while political decisions are guided only by the criteria of profit for the elite.

Irena Ščurić
Irena Ščurić
Irena Ščurić
Irena Ščurić
Goran Štetić
Sound Design
Goran Štetić
Irena Ščurić
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Irena Ščurić is a Croatian film director and editor. She directed her first film in 1985 and since then she shot and edited various documentaries, TV shows and music videos. She has produced and directed few industrial films for big corporations. In the nineties, she started cooperating with NGO B.a.B.e and the result of that was first feminist music video in the world Više ne vrijedi by the band Scat.

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