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  • 2010
  • 9'49''
  • color
  • No Dialogue

Transformance is a video-event-work that documents a ‘performance’ that takes place over a five-month period. During this time, Nina Kurtela makes a daily habit of visiting and witnessing the changes at the building site of the Uferstudios in Berlin. During this time, an old warehouse where trams and buses were once repaired is converted into Berlin’s new centre for contemporary dance. Kurtela’s work emerges in the force field of a commitment to the daily execution of present-ness in relation to the specific context where this act takes place: the building site of the new theatre. What unfolds is an eight-minute work with multi-faceted implications. The body is rendered a statue through the changes that take place over time. The screen becomes the performing skin.

Nina Kurtela
Nina Kurtela
Nina Kurtela
Nina Kurtela
Nina Kurtela
Ivana Vukšić
Centralna jedinica

Nina Kurtela (1981) is an artist from Zagreb. She holds an ma in fine arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and also studied at the cepus faculty of fine arts (Atelier of Body Art), on the scholarship programme, in Brno, Czech Republic. She currently divides her time between Berlin and Zagreb and uses her work to explore the links between visual arts, video, performance and contemporary dance and choreography.

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