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The Search

view in croatian
  • 2011
  • 7'
  • DVD
  • 2D
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Potraga

Once upon a time, there was a town. And in this town there lived a dog. Unhappy with the noise, the smog and the garbage, the dog dreamt of a green meadow. "I wonder if there is a clean meadow anywhere in this world?" the dog thought. He thought – and he went off to find it. While searching, he met five owls, a big whale, three penguins and a camel… and they all wanted to find a better place to live. Did they find that place, and where was it? Well, you can see for yourself in the animated film The Search.

Ivana Guljašević
Bruno Kuman
Ivana Guljašević
Character Design
Ivana Guljašević
Ivana Guljašević
Aljoša Vuković
Sound Design
Bruno Kuman, Ivana Guljašević
Ivana Guljašević
Autorska kuća

Ivana Guljašević graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She has been working in film since 2000. Her film Like a Miracle received the prize for best film at the FIKE festival in Portugal in 2002 and a special jury mention at the 14th Fanofilmfestival in Bellocchi, Italy. She has directed around 30 short animated films and wrote the scripts for some of these. Most of her films were produced by Školska knjiga, and co-produced by Igubuka. Guljašević is the illustrator and animator of the very successful series Danica (150 episodes) on Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT). She is also the author of comic strips published in children’s magazines, as well as an illustrator and writer who has written several picture books and a novel.

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