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The Performance

view in croatian
  • 2010
  • 78'
  • HD
  • color
  • drama
  • Debut Feature
  • Orig. Title: Predstava

On September 11, 2001 director Dan Oki was living in New York and witnessed the terrorist attack and its consequences firsthand. In this film, he takes his documentary footage from that fateful day and puts it in the context of a feature film. A theatre troupe from Croatia travels to New York on September 10, 2001. The troupe is a diverse group made up of a young married couple and their son, two girls, and a young man. They are welcomed by their producer, a New Yorker of Croatian descent, whose husband works at the World Trade Centre. Suddenly, without warning, the troupe finds itself in the middle of the destruction of September 11. The relationships between the characters come under pressure and begin to change as a reaction to the sheer force of the events unfolding all around them.

Dan Oki
Dan Oki
Raul Brzić
Davor Švaić
Production Design
Dan Oki
Costume Design
Nina Memiš
Sound Design
Vjeran Šalamon
Vanda Boban, Marin Tudor, Luka Jokić-Sterle, Marko Petrić
Dan Oki
Studio Fugo

Dan Oki aka Slobodan Jokić (1965) is a director and screenwriter. His films have been produced in Croatia, the Netherlands and the USA and screened at international festivals around the world. Oki’s films have won a number of international prizes, including the Grand Prix Videoex 2000 in Zurich). He is an associate professor in filmmaking at the Arts Academy in Split (UMAS) and at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.

Selected Filmography – Dan Oki (Slobodan Jokić, 1965)

  • The Dark (2011) - feature film
  • Performance (2010) - feature film
  • Zoogen (2006) - experimental short
  • Oxygen4 (2004) - feature film
  • Ozone 3 RGB (2004) - experimental short
  • Divine Beings (1998) - experimental short

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