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The Oars

view in croatian
  • 2011
  • 9'30"
  • digibeta, beta SP
  • 2D, 3D
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Vesla

Each one of us carries a personal treasure, something we are devoted to, something that we keep close at hand. Something valuable, that makes us change, that crosses the boundaries of time and space. The Oars, an allegory of loyalty and growing up, follows a boy who gives his soft toy to an oarsman, to transport it to another world, but instead of saying goodbye, he joins it on a long journey across lakes, forests, cities and mountains, moving away from the world, up above the clouds.

Zdenko Bašić, Manuel Šumberac
Zdenko Bašić, Manuel Šumberac
Zdenko Bašić, Manuel Šumberac
Character Design
Zdenko Bašić, Manuel Šumberac
Zdenko Bašić, Manuel Šumberac
Filip Čargonja, Filip Filković
Filip Filković
Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni
Sound Design
Željko Veljković
Borna Kostelac
Nives Zemba
TOUT VA BIEN!productions

Zdenko Bašić (1980) was recognised as the best graduate student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb for his film Angels in the Snow. He has won prestigious awards for outstanding illustration, such as A Sheep in a Box (Ovca u kutiji) (2006), Kiklop (2006), the Grigor Vitez award (2008) and an award for best illustration at the 1st World Biennale of Illustration in 2008. His animated film Guliver won the Oktavijan award in 2010 and the Grand Prix for best film in 2009 at Days of Croatian Film, as well as the Libertas award for best short film at Libertas Film Festival. He was named one of the best young artists in 2009 by ULUPUH, the Association of Fine Artists in Applied Arts of Croatia. In addition, his animated music video Žeđam received the Porin Croatian music award for best music video in 2010.

Manuel Šumberac (1988) was the lead animator on the animated film Guliver, directed by Zdenko Bašić, from 2008 to 2009. He made short animated films Escargot (2011), The Oars (2011, co-dir. Zdenko Bašić), In the Shadow (2011) and Clockwork Heart (2013). Together with Zdenko Bašić he directed and animated three music videos for the Croatian musician Gibonni: Žeđam, Toleranca and Vesla na vodi. His film Escargot won at the Balkans Beyond Borders film festival in Greece. In addition, he received the Porin Croatian music award for Best Music Video in 2010, for the animated music video Žeđam.

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