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The Mark of Cain

view in croatian
  • 2010
  • 67'
  • video
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Znak na Kajinu

A fatal knife attack occurred in March, 2005, when Lucijan Magas (33) was murdered by his wife Ana Magas (27). Ana now regrets her act. How does she cope with her life and the consequences of what she has done? Will she ever be able to see her child again, and be a mother? This film examines an ordinary person who becomes a monster overnight. How does she get through the day, from morning to evening? How does she deal with the stigma of being a killer? ‘Marked’ as she is, how can she return from prison and integrate back into society?

Tihana Kopsa, Ljiljana Šišmanović
Tihana Kopsa, Ljiljana Šišmanović
Tihana Kopsa
Damir Terešak
MaXima film

Ljiljana Šišmanović (1970) has made over 20 documentary films. She won the award for Best Screenplay (Ana’s Poems) on at the 12th Croatian Days of Film event in 2003, and the award for Best Documentary (The Last Bay of the Panonian Sea) at the Tabor Film Festival in 2005.

Selected Filmography – Ljiljana Šišmanović (1970)

  • The Mark of Cain (2010) – documentary feature
  • Half-Sister (2006) – documentary short
  • The Last Bay of the Panonian Sea (2002.) – documentary feature
  • Sasvetani, Rokovci, Mihovilci (2002) – documentary short

Tihana Kopsa (1971) has directed more than 40 documentaries and educational or scientific television shows. Her films Puppet club – Goldmouth (2003) and Registrars (2007) were screened as a part of the official Days of Croatian Film programme. Her short film I Feel Great won the award for best editing at the 18th Days of Croatian Film event.

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