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The Farewell

view in croatian
  • 2013
  • 80'
  • DCP
  • color
  • drama
  • Orig. Title: Oproštaj

Nina, a young activist, is selling her family home, which is close to a factory in Vranjic. Her boyfriend, Srdjan, is going to work in Germany as a dentist and is leaving Nina and her strong, but blind mother, Carmen, for good. Nina is waiting for the results of a medical check-up. She is concerned because she could have inherited a genetic disease from her father, who died from Asbestosis. Nina’s doctor Lidija is having a lesbian relationship with Nina’s friend Iva, who wants to keep it secret. The Minister of the Environment is being interviewed on a local radio station in Split while the destinies of the people of Kaštela Bay remain tied to the dangerous pollution of their environment that has continued unabated for the last century.

Dan Oki
Dan Oki
Raul Brzić
Davor Švaić
Production Design
Ivan Bura
Costume Design
Buga Cvjetanović
Vjeran Šalamon
Sound Design
Vjeran Šalamon
Andrea Mladinić, Bruna Bebić, Nikša Arčanin, Danijela Vuković, Elena Orlić, Danijel Rafaelić, Damir Duplančić-Cunko, Leon Lučev
Slobodan Jokić
Udruga Kazimir
World Sales
Slobodan Jokić

Selected Filmography – Dan Oki (Slobodan Jokić, 1965)

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  • Zoogen (2006) – experimental short
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