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  • 2011
  • 94'
  • DCP, HD
  • color
  • thriller, drama
  • debut feature
  • Orig. Title: Fleke

Lana (17) is getting ready to spend the night with her boyfriend Igor (25). They decide to make love in a taxi belonging to Igor’s friend. This is meant to be Lana’s first time. Things go wrong and Lana wants to stop the love-making game, but Igor forces her to continue. Lana runs away from him and in a nightclub she meets Irena (17), a troubled girl looking for drugs. A series of circumstances unites Lana and Irena as they wander the city…

Aldo Tardozzi
Aldo Tardozzi
Darko Drinovac
Mato Ilijić
Production Design
Damir Gabelica
Costume Design
Alena Orović
Luka Zima
Sound Design
Ivan Mihoci
Iskra Jirsak, Nika Mišković, Živko Anočić, Goran Grgić, Sanja Vejnović, Filip Križan, Franjo Kuhar, Alen Liverić, Jan Kerekeš, Alan Katić, Amar Bukvić, Siniša Labrović, Nikša Butijer, Otokar Levaj, Marija Škaričić
Ljubo Zdjelarević, Barbara Jukopila, Tomislav Vujić

Aldo Tardozzi (1974) studied philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus in Zagreb. He received a degree in film and TV Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb in 2001. He is the director of the award-winning documentaries The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship (1999), A Story from Nunić (2000), Think Pink (2000), Eddy is Gone (2006) and the tv series Blind Spots, Biba’s World, Periferija City, Home, Sweet Home, A Diary of a Blonde, etc. He is credited as 1st assistant director on many Croatian feature films, TV series, commercials and co-produced films. He also works as a screenwriter.

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