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  • 2011
  • 29'
  • digibeta
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Polaganost

In a 30-minute-long experimental dance film, created during the period between 2008 and 2011, seven performers in conflict with nature create an intimate world. Abstract structures, the broad vista of immense fields, and the undulating movement of water are interwoven in natural cycles. Movement arises lightly and then disappears in the rhythm of the changing images on screen, alongside Jeanne Frémaux’s original music.

Vladimir Končar i Iva Pavičić
Iva Pavičić
Vladimir Končar
Vladimir Končar
Iva Pavičić
Costume Design
Nevenka Miklenić, Trupa To
Jeanne Frémaux
Sound Design
Vladimir Končar
Valentina Čebušnik Dorotić, Jasna Malus Gorišek, Petra Kursar, Ivana Levanić, Nevenka Miklenić, Tatjana Peruško, Ines Sabotić
Iva Pavičić
Trupa To

Vladimir Končar (1978) is a multidisciplinary visual artist. He studied graphic design at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the University of Zagreb. He is a member of the Croatian Association of Designers (HDD) and the Association of Fine Artists in Applied Arts of Croatia (ULUPUH), multimedia and intermedia category. Končar is one of the founders of the multimedia design studio Revolution. He is the author of many experimental movies and several short documentaries with a special focus on video dance. He has participated in nineteen group exhibitions and nine independent exhibitions in the country and abroad. He has received several awards, and his works have been published in various renowned publications for art and design.

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