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School that (Doesn't) Exist

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  • HR
  • 2021
  • 23'24"
  • color
  • drama
  • Orig. Title: Škola koja (ne) postoji

Third grade students at the First Private Technical School in Zagreb receive a letter from the Ministry of Science and Education, informing them that the school is undergoing bankruptcy proceedings. A TV presenter and a cameraman come to the school find out what is really going on with the school. After the TV report comes out, the Inspection arrives at the school and expels the students, because the school no longer exists as a legal entity.

Karlo Gagulić
Karlo Gagulić
Karlo Špoljar
Karlo Gagulić
Sound Design
Ivan Matana, Vjeko Zuhrić-Novaković
Luka Ćevid
Costume Design
Vito Menjak
Production Design
Vito Menjak
Karlo Maloča, Lav Novosel, Mihael Kuzmičić, Andrija Žunac, Josip Štirinić, Anđela Ramljak, Darko Janeš, Doris Šarić-Kukuljica, Goran Navojec, Nataša Dangubić, Mario Gaćina, Nikša Butijer, Nina Kukec
Nina Kukec
Playbox Production
Sveučilište VERN' / VERN' University, Blank
Croatian Distribution
Playbox Production

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