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Rudi's Lexicon 06-10

view in croatian
  • 2011
  • beta SP, DVD
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Rudijev leksikon 06-10

Rudi's Lexicon animated series deals with 365 terms in 365 films, each of them just 90 seconds in length, through the artistic vision of a caricaturist, director and animator who was nominated for an Academy Award in 1973. This film explores the lexicon terms from six to ten (its predecessor dealt with one to five). Throughout this unique and ambitious project, every term will be dealt with in a funny and surprising fashion. Rudi is a typical ‘little man’: unmarried, living in the city, enslaved by four walls, frustrated by ‘normal’ society. Rudi watches TV constantly and at the same time performs chores around the house…

Nedeljko Dragić
Nedeljko Dragić
Neven Petričić, Dario Kukić, Stjepan Mihaljević, Branko Ilić, Ivan Čačić
Nedeljko Dragić
Character Design
Nedeljko Dragić
Lado Skorin
Veljko Zimonić
Vinko Brešan
Zagreb film

Nedeljko Dragić (1936) made his first caricature in 1953. After moving to Zagreb to study law in 1955, he worked as a caricaturist and illustrator for all the major newspapers in the city until the 1980s. He has been one of Zagreb Film’s core animators since 1960. He is the author of many animated films, as well as a number of one-minute films and commercials. He has won many awards at various festivals and was nominated for the Academy Award in 1973 for his animated film Tup-Tup. He is a member of The American Film Academy, and has been living and working in Munich since 1991.

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